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The ever-increasing complexity of enterprise-wide mobile software implementations demands a more highly developed integration of a company’s disparate systems. Software vendors, resellers, and systems integrators all require rapid and cost-effective solutions to meet the sophisticated integration needs of their customers. The better a software implementation works, and the faster it can be integrated with a customer’s existing systems, the greater the value it delivers.

At Open Terra, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and mobile business softwarity solutionse is all we do. And our partners continue to drive our business forward – deploying Open Terra’s leading-edge, on-demand mobile technologies that enable their customers to achieve greater efficiencies and cost-savings. The Open Terra Partner Program helps our partners to incorporate Open Terra’s technologies into their own offerings with confidence. The mission of the Open Terra Partner Program is to assure that our partners are provided with not only the most advanced integration technologies on the market today, but also with the services, training, marketing materials, and support needed to extract their full value for the customer.

The Open Terra Partner Program Team appreciates the trust our partners place in us every time they choose Open Terra products, solutions, and services for their customers – and we work with our partners in a manner that recognizes the value of these important customer relationships. We invite you to contact us to discuss your business, your interest in our offerings and products, and being an Open Terra Partner.


Sprint has years of industry experience, an open architecture, and the broadest network portfolio in the industry, which includes a 4G network. Over the past 10 years, this devotion to technology has led Sprint to build a solutions platform based on openness and collaboration. For you, that means completely open certification standards. It means a tailored solution that’s optimal for you. In addition, it means access to aggregators, OEMs and hundreds of Sprint engineering, custom network, and industry-specific specialists.

Sprint is a thought leader with specialized M2M expertise. With a decade of work in the M2M field and completely open standards, it has certified hundreds of independent devices on its network – a number that increases daily. Open Terra is proud to partner with Sprint on M2M initiatives.

Other Valued Partners:

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  • IBM
  • Novell
  • Telstra
  • Red Hat
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
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