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Once the Design phase is completed, Open Terra will initiate a series of iterative Development Cycles, giving you regular feedback to ensure that our efforts meet with your needs as outlined in the Discovery and Design phases.

During the Development phase, we build automated unit tests and write test scripts so that we can efficiently and reliably perform regression testing on your M2M solution. This test–driven development methodology delivers rock solid applications that you can trust to perform as intended.

The Development phase also includes rigorous testing and reviewing of certification requirements based on the mobile and wireless network carrier and operator. During this phase, we will ensure that your solution and devices are performing to the mobile network operators’ specifications. We go through this process to ensure that you, Open Terra, and all of our partners are protected against unstable devices and solutions that may mismanage network resources.

Our team of engineers, developers, and other technical experts will develop your M2M application to ensure the highest quality. Whether the M2M application is a pilot project or an enterprise-ready global rollout, our team will work with you hand-in-hand throughout the process to set the stage for a successful deployment.

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