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Our process begins with a Discovery Workshop bringing together your project team and our solutions engineers. In the workshop, we’ll address the business and technical objectives of your proposed M2M application and perform a complete assessment of your current infrastructure.

Our team of M2M experts will consult with all stakeholders to gather information, and then detail a step-by-step process with which everyone can feel comfortable.

Although we have our own M2M software applications and platform, our own M2M hardware and devices, and our own data center, we consider ourselves a true M2M solutions integrator. We partner with many software, hardware, and network providers. Your M2M solution may require a number of hardware devices from separate vendors, disparate software and device platforms, and a mix of data communications. We are software platform, hardware platform, and network platform agnostic and will integrate with many M2M product and communication companies to make sure that the solution we provide for you is the absolute best.

Once the Discovery phase is completed, we are ready to move on to the Design phase.

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