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Hardware, Device, and Product Manufacturers

Focus on your product offerings, while we work with you to provide total integrated M2M solutions for your customers.

  • Get closer to your customers, improve their satisfaction while gaining insight
  • Create compelling new additions to your product portfolio to drive new revenues
  • Offer products that are key components of applications that provide customers with differentiation and competitive advantages
  • Lower your development and operational costs

As a hardware, device, or product manufacturer in the technology sector, you can’t afford to be complacent. To gain and hold a competitive edge, you must always be on the lookout for smart ways to enhance and extend your product line. For many manufacturers, one way to achieve this goal is by focusing on managed services.

The rapidly emerging category of M2M services is providing many manufacturers with an ideal way to create new business opportunities and improve customer satisfaction while lowering operational costs. With M2M capabilities, manufacturers can add entirely new dimensions to their product offerings. With these new applications, manufacturers can add more value and get more closely aligned with their customers’ success.

Open Terra provides product manufacturers an efficient cost-effective way to create compelling new services for customers. We can quickly develop and deploy cloud-based or on-premises-based M2M applications, solutions, and services that let your customers tap into the power of the connected world.