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M2M DeviceCentral

M2M DeviceCentral™

Next generation centralized M2M portal for tracking and monitoring of all assets (vehicles, people, inventory, sensors, meters, containers, etc.)

Just some of the features:
  • SaaS and cloud-based M2M integration and connectivity platform
  • Supports a multitude of devices
  • GPS tracking, geofencing, and breadcrumbing
  • Multiple communication protocols, including cellular and satellite
  • Support for numerous GPS tracking units
  • Support for CDMA, GPRS, GSM, SMS, Globalstar,Iridium, ZigBee protocols and many more
  • Support for smart meters, sensor networks
  • TCP, UDP, HTTP gateways for devices
  • Custom embedded device solutions
  • Real-time reporting and advanced analytics
  • Wireless solutions for work force management and lone worker security
  • Cloud based infrastructure that can support millions of transactions
  • Affordable SaaS model of delivery
  • Tailor-made and customized M2M applications

M2M DeviceCentral cloud-based Software as a Service and M2M platform is the next generation service for connecting networked devices.

M2M DeviceCentral supports a multitude of devices and sophisticated applications used by individuals and businesses across the world.

The service supports GPS tracking devices, weather sensors, telematics devices, smart meters, networked instruments and various types of security units.

For OEM and other network device manufactures M2M DeviceCentral platform offers a quick time to market.

For smart phone software developer’s M2M DeviceCentral provides the square one to writing innovative applications that make use of built-in cell phone sensors.

GPS tracking companies can realize productivity gains and a low total cost of ownership when running the M2M DeviceCentral platform as a GPS tracking backend.

The Service

M2M DeviceCentral service provides endpoints and gateways for numerous communication and network protocols, including SMS, TCP/IP and HTTP. Devices sending data using these protocols pass through a data translation layer before the data is rendered for human and machine usage.

Spatial data management is in-built as we foresee location data as an essential component in all device communication.

Alert creation based on device data is a core component and the service allows limitless types of alerts based on device or aggregated information. Alert forwarding mechanism supports SMS, e-mail, Twitter and automatic voice calls.

Many features for spatial data like geofence’s, points of interest, point to point data analysis and vehicle data reporting are in-built making M2M DeviceCentral as a ready to use GPS tracking platform.

M2M DeviceCentral provides a redundant infrastructure and an extensible platform to build services for the next generation of wireless devices, smart phones and telemetry devices.


Centralized dashboard for tracking and monitoring of all assets (vehicles, people, inventory, sensors, meters, containers, etc.)

M2M DeviceCentral platform is device neutral – this means any current or future device can be integrated. For solution developers and integrators it means uniformity across all solutions. For customers the benefit of a single system makes sharing , reporting and aggregating information from different devices like asset trackers, RFID scans and cell phones seamless and cost effective.

Rich Ecosystem

There is a range of solutions available on M2M DeviceCentral. This rich eco-system and a choice of solutions allow easy adoption, rapid enhancements and a very short time to market.

We also provide complete, end-to-end services, including support and engineering services in device migration, integration and value-addition.

Low Total Cost of Ownership and Proven ROI

Our pricing is the most competitive in the industry and we are just not another hosting provider. Our pricing structure can support a small pilot and all the way up to a large deployment with thousands of devices in the field.

Support and Assistance

M2M and networked device services are new and evolving markets. With M2M DeviceCentral you have the benefit of dealing with experts who understand the entire M2M lifecycle.