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Mobile Network Operators

Forward-thinking network operators are delivering new managed services that transform wireless and fixed data services into a business advantage for its customers. Exciting opportunities are emerging for network operators to provide new, high-value managed services based on M2M applications. For network operators to take maximum advantage of these opportunities, however, they must overcome the complexities involved in developing these sophisticated applications.

  • Create recurring and incremental ARPU for wireless data services
  • Create new, high-value services ahead of your competitors
  • Extend your reach into the emerging world of billions of connected sensors and devices
  • Achieve deeper penetration of customer accounts across business, government, and not-for-profit organizations

Open Terra has a market-proven answer. Our solutions, applications, and approach enable network operators to develop and bring to market innovative new services that leverage real-time intelligence from a wide range of devices in the connected world. Our end-to-end systems integration approach simplifies and accelerates the development and deployment of next-generation M2M applications – and compelling new managed services based on them. Open Terra will quickly put M2M to work for your organization, allowing you to:

  • Bring new services to market in weeks – not months or years.
  • Extend your reach into new markets with a wider range of solutions embodying voice, data, text and video.
  • Deploy solutions that are technically advanced, yet meet stringent requirements for reliability, availability, and scalability—so you can deliver service quality that’s consistent with your brand.
  • Extend existing applications with powerful new capabilities that customers need—and do so faster than you thought possible.
  • Create highly profitable services by reducing the cost of development & delivery.